Route Intelligence web app

Tracking and optimization of trucking fleets

Moving from words to a product design

Starting with a rough description of product requirements, Swim worked closely with the Sapias team to define the functionality for a Flex-based product, “Route Intelligence”. Route Intelligence supported tracking and optimization of fleets of trucks, providing location information, current schedules and pending jobs. Its users were dispatchers in industries such as cable installation and utility maintenance.

In a lean approach to involving users, Swim conducted telephone interviews with customers to improve the depth of understanding around requirements. We then visualized the requirements, defining task flows and creating the framework for an implementable user interface. These designs challenged Sapias’ initial assumptions about how to present the functionality. By keeping the conversation focused on typical usage scenarios, Swim could demonstrate how proposed directions would appropriately meet dispatchers’ needs.

Providing extensible deliverables

The final deliverables included a description of behavior and guidelines for the application’s structure, layout specs, and custom art. Sapias was not only able to build the application as designed, but successfully extended the design later using the principles Swim provided.


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