Smart driving & per-mile insurance app

A redesigned app for tech's auto-insurance industry disrupter

Introducing design thinking methods

Metromile engaged Swim for our user-centered process when they initiated work on V2 of their mobile app.

We began by conducting ethnographic studies with current and prospective Metromile customers, in their homes and cars. By carefully sifting through hours of video footage, we identified key themes and shared preliminary findings with key Metromile stakeholders. We further refined the findings through a quantitative study.

This user research served as the starting point for product definition sessions held by Swim and an interdisciplinary Metromile team. The collaborative team brainstormed application features, clustered them, and assessed their value by revisiting the field observations and considering technological capabilities.

Defining a long-term vision and an MVP

We created lo-fi wireframes and higher-fidelity clickable prototypes to visualize how the feature set could be delivered in a mobile app. Working closely with product development and the internal design team (who produced the final visuals), Swim defined both a long-term app strategy and the essential components that would comprise a near-term MVP.


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